Chopping Block

by Civilized

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Despite their geographic isolation, Denver's CIVILIZED have emerged as elites in the hardcore underground. Building upon their stellar Dust and Blood EP, they unveil 13 new songs with a mastery that surpasses their influences. This is how eternal US Hardcore is made: raise the standard with scrutiny and persistence, smash all that is mediocre with brute force and aspire toward truth by eliminating all that is not real. Through these aims, CIVILIZED unveils a classic. Chopping Block is a tour de force of modern hardcore—a barrage of hooks and jaw-dropping shifts delivered in a burst of youthful fury. Zach Reini's vocals astound as he leads the way in a sequence of perfectly executed compositions that balance time-honored motifs with dizzying variety. Engineered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, with an unforgettable cover shot by acclaimed photographer Daniel Shea, CIVILIZED has laid your neck on the line.


released March 31, 2017

Geoff D.- Guitar
John Menchaca- Bass
Zach Reini- Vocals
James Trejo- Drums

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios
Photo by Daniel Shea

Special thanks to Mike Medina

YA 97



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Track Name: Transparent
face fun of flies
mouth full of dust
not one i can trust
kissing ass with a shit eating grin

you’re transparent
i can see it
hollow empty being
kissing ass with a shit eating grin

choke on the filth you spew

mind full of lies
you’re not one i can trust
Track Name: All the Same
days blur, wearing thin
collapsing in on me
endless cycle, no ascension
death can’t set me free

life cannot yield
nothing else
too much a coward
to end it myself
Track Name: Pain is Only a Game
same mind, different face
bleak environment
laid to waste
a blistering wind
drowns out the weak
mindless vacuum
there’s no escape

the walls are caving in
forced to live among the weak
the walls are caving in

pain is only a game

crude illusion
slaughtered with the flock
nails bent back from crawling out
empty plains, burning fields
the grass is dead on the other side

voices blur in a sea of shit
Track Name: Can't Get Out
all the days of fighting
my grip is slipping
no guiding light
there’s no better way
the tide is turning
come out swinging
one thing is certain
this is gonna end

can’t get out

all the days of fighting
my grip is slipping
no guiding light
there’s no better way
wipe that smile
right off your face
one thing is certain
this is gonna end
Track Name: Burning Cold
crutch of nostalgia
cannot hold
the crushing weight
of growing old
there’s no flame
left inside
burning cold
just let it die

give up the charade
fooled your peers
this lust for youth
so insincere
there’s no flame
left inside
burning cold
just let it die
Track Name: Reality Mirror
a projection of envy
grasping at the strings
no satisfaction
hollow facsimile
copies of copies
void of self
reflecting back
someone else

keep up the front
hide behind a mirror
copies of copies
void of self
reflecting back
someone else

reality mirror
the void stares right back
Track Name: Guillotine
hanging on by tooth and nail
match is set, destined to fail

thin the herd

a sacrifice to quench this thirst
i’ll be the one to draw blood first

thin the herd

you’re gonna fucking pay

sick and complacent
masking over your fear
the guillotine’s grinning
your end is near
a sneering distain
for this stagnant being
i’ve lost all pity for the weak
Track Name: Stagnate
stick your neck on the chopping block

no connection
lost transmission
there’s no point
its all in vain
pooling blood makes no difference
try to survive and fan the flames


let the blood speak
put you out of your misery
misery knows no bounds
Track Name: Civilized
tie the noose, around your neck
controlled until your final breath
the veil’s been pulled over your eyes

no relief, no escape
simulated reality
you’re not out of step
you fell right in line
like all the rest you’re civilized

i won’t die on my knees
i won’t die for your greed
never let them take you out

i won’t ever fucking be afraid
that’s the difference
between you and me
Track Name: The Truth
armed to the teeth
with no solution
pull the trigger
end it all
you fucking coward

stepping over hallow bones
a welcome sign we’re alone
conditioned to the taste of lead
look back at it all

weed out the meek

the comfort of a gun in your mouth
won’t save you from what we’ve done

no memory of before
no vision of after
existence is now
what happens next?
nothing left to lose
but to choose
between the noose
and the truth
Track Name: Consequence
seize your throat
breath caught up in smoke
don’t look for forgiveness
i’ll laugh last when you choke

what did you expect
you ate your words
swallowed the poison
followed the herd

shallow solution
fill the void
truth consumes
when you’re dead inside

downward spiral
you should have known
now drag yourself out
on your own

on the cusp of failure
where you keeled over
i won’t fucking break
looking for salvation
through self-negation
how much more can you take?
Track Name: Parasite
a clear mind is everything

exorcise, clean sweep
shut the scumbags out

shut it down

focused energy, focused goals
stand firm on my own
kill them off with my dying breath
extinguish until nothing’s left

their plague consumes
recoil, attack
tearing efforts down
for what they fucking lack
stand firm in silence
actions over words
roam a land of failures
expecting no returns

nothing worthwhile comes easy
fight for every breath
nothing worthwhile comes easy
actions over words
Track Name: Double Crossed
empty words masked by crooked smiles
the truth is stained by the taste of bile
your facade is crumbling brick by brick
you’re one of them, you’re full of shit


turning my back
dripping in blood
revenge tastes so sweet
now that i’m seeing clear

look inside
now i can fucking see
look inside
now i can fucking see
i’ve been double crossed

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