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At Death's Door

by Goodbye World

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Blood and bone Out in the road Stains and guts and flies Mangled metal Smoking engine Staring frozen eyes Curling, burning Blackened skin Burning flesh Old guts Twisted neck A heart attack On the drive Home from work Skinned alive When car and bus collide
Dream of going Outside Afraid of all That's there Close the shade My life's destroyed Fetch the blade Paranoid In a highway motel Weekly rental Don't care I keep seeing My blood Spraying Out
Hacked to pieces Found their body parts All over town Places you can’t imagine There’s still two missing heads You can hear them crying to each other at night Would you like to see those heads? I’ll drive you to them— Straight over this cliff Mid-air our lives will Flash before us Our best years On display Vivid memories in 3D Some things Will feel pleasant While others will feel sad So if you happen to be looking Please pardon my embarrassment
I was talking to myself   About the ruins of the world That one in Peru, right? Where children were sacrificed Well it made me laugh out loud   And you asked why I was laughing Then you wished you hadn't asked Why was I laughing?
Normal 00:49
Talented artists Real bohemians You must have been in your graves and dug your way out They were too many guests in my home I thought you were....normal Who knew I was capable of murder I procured the pope’s skull I reject your reality and substitute my own! You say my mind is affecting my words You’re wrong It’s my words that are affecting my mind I believe in everything which the brain is unable to prove
Why can’t they EVER leave me alone! I’m stuck, yet they STILL make it difficult See, I’m only a guest here You say you need a reason? A child’s logic is rewarding I’m not who they loved I am but a shell Possessed and corrupted To find peace I must be destroyed How funny it’ll be The moment I come back around You’ll say that I’m dead
Effigy 00:27
This is your dissection Forgive the intrusion I’ll make a person out of you yet An effigy of myself Inside your private hell I shall never stop Even if your surgery fails I’ll cut in another way And another And another You simply can’t conceive of What I have in store For you
You don’t deserve me But I deserve you I deserve nothing better than you In all this time my body was dead But my soul remained I heard the cock crow Everything was magic Until I understood it
In Flames 00:37
Gas and cleaning agents Found in an abandoned school   In a mop bucket Wheeled down The sidewalk Next to the place Where you work Next to that place Lit and thrown In flames
Laid Out 00:52
Life and I are virgins to each other But I only use Christian names in bed Laid out in this coffin I understand Man as he is comprises two beings: Man as he could be Man as he would be Both beyond good and evil The unattainable Eve with her apples and her snakes whispers “the men who beg get nothing.”
I buried a couple Of important items Near the tallest site   At the graveyard I went back With a shovel   Last week I got so fucking   Mixed up   Unearthed something I shouldn't have Wanna see it?
Invention 00:38
I am the victim of everything! My brain is in someone else’s body But consider this: Had not our cave-dwelling forebears been given to invention I would eat you for dinner And use your bones to club my next beloved
Arc Blast 00:44
Arc flash Arc blast winds Vaporizing eyes Arc flash Arc blast wins Peeling away all
Abomination 00:47
I am made of plastic Thought nothing could hurt me But, then you stabbed me Hurt like hell, I even bled I think I’m turning human I dread I’ll have to live The rest of my life like this I am an abomination
Within Walls 01:17
So you’ve finally killed me That wasn’t nice I shall make this A house unfit to live in Within walls Down the hall Beneath floors Behind doors You’ll find me Everywhere I’m literally in heaven Haunting you Day and night Some pink-cheeked Seminarian Will try to exorcise me But I’ll just possess him Then we’ll be Together again


As modern music bleeds out in a hopelessly boring death spiral, one must regard the output on Youth Attack like an ancient sword with mystical powers forged out of a comet which makes it glow blue. While undiscerning music fans can be likened to the victims of a serial killer con-man, GOODBYE WORLD are the jaded detectives assigned to the case—and yet, they let the victims die as they deserve in order to protect the sword and deliver it to its rightful owner—you. On At Death's Door there is no time for negotiation; in only 12 minutes, legendary frontman Aaron Aspinwall comes out guns blazing and wreaks havoc over a hurricane of riffs and drum beats that hit like a ton of bricks and once the smoke clears the megaforce of Jeff Jelen, Mark McCoy, John Menchaca and James Trejo are standing in the rubble.

This exciting debut LP features 15 hardcore songs laden with wild guitar solos and psychotic drum fills and lyrics about gore-soaked car crashes, being hacked to pieces, hanging out in graveyards and driving off of cliffs—all of which culminate in a sound that only YA can produce: say hello to GOODBYE WORLD. 

YA 110


released May 14, 2021

Aaron Aspinwall- Vocals
Jeff Jelen- Lead Guitar
Mark McCoy- Guitar
John Menchaca- Bass
James Trejo- Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.


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