Blood War

by Grinning Death's Head

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Blood War 02:45
My blood is war My blood is hate Bound by this flesh Tied by these veins Blood war Blood stains I am reborn Baptized in flames My temple wastes On a cross of hate Broken and torn By blood and war My eyes are fixed On a crucifix Stigmata sworn To blood and war
Hunter 02:24
Inside Waiting It’s time to go outside Despised Changing The door is open wide Frozen eyes Terrorized No more running Swing the scythe Take a life Happy hunting Become an angel of death
Curse Scourge Death Pestilence Feed Bleed Suck Sustenance Starve Scar Spread Severance Waste Rape Sin Innocence lost We are the plague Of the world Wretched and hungry We crawl We are the plague Of the world Rotting and withered We fall We are a growing cancer
Pale Horse 02:13
He rides at night Devil in white Destroying as he goes Leaving a trail Of hell in his wake Of misery and woe He rides at night Devil in white He rides Upon a pale horse
The Sword 04:10
No victory in life No honor in death I’ll cut out my heart Before I’m suppressed Live by the sword Die by the sword Live by the sword Silent no more Nothing is gained No ground is stood Nothing will change Without shedding blood
The Whip 02:07
Taste the scorn Take your licks Wear the thorns Taste the whip Tie them To the Whipping post Whip cracks Across their backs
Legion 02:28
Born to hate Hatred Is sacred No rest No peace Our lives have Been taken Born to hate Hating Is breathing Kill Fulfill Unleash Your demons Open season Open your eyes Day of reaping Nowhere to hide
Canaan 03:25
Open the skies Rain from above Covered in sacred blood Standing on sacred ground An offering of flesh and blood An offering worthy and good The altar is thirsty The offering is worthy
Triad 03:29
Crowned in the sins of the father Worship the idols of ego Congregation of three on the altar Ceremony of blood and incest Worship Worship Worship Matrimony Kiss the feet of your leprous bride Inside this hole You will forever reside Worship self Worship sex Worship death
Slave 03:18
I am your master You are my servant There is no one here to Come save you now You can scream all you want to They won’t hear a sound If silence is golden I will turn you to gold
The Noose 03:03
The popping of eyes The crackling of skin The charring of bone The wages of sin Hang them high Stretch the rope Turning blue Watch them choke Bodies on the Pyre Bodies in the tress Black smoke on the horizon Swinging in the breeze
Red Shroud 03:53


After five secluded years of death worship and occult study, GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD calls forth Blood War. A mature work of painstaking devotion, it presents nature as an evil force propelling life toward a violent demise.

Where past recordings assaulted with crude provocation, Blood War deploys a newfound clarity that builds upon previous achievements. The basement haze of years past is stripped away, revealing spatial chasms that resound with sinister majesty. With the addition of conspirators M. McCoy and I. Jacyszyn, J. Wood commands with a fierce compositional focus. Despite the minimal instrumentation, the songs achieve a heightened narrative structure and march unwaveringly through pillaged landscapes toward mankind's deserved end.

Recorded in New York City and in Sugar Hill, Georgia and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, Blood War is a transcendent display of superiority that answers the call to death.


released March 31, 2017

J. Wood- Vocals, Synth
I. Jacyszyn- Drums, Bass
M. McCoy- Guitar

Compositions by J. W. and I. J.
Recorded/mixed by I.J. MMXV
Mastered by W.K. at Dead Air
Drawing by R. Sawyer

YA 88


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