The Consequence

by The Consequence

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    releases May 14, 2021

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THE CONSEQUENCE: Your actions speak loud They reveal your intent The hammer is dropped Time to face the consequence TARGET ON MY BACK: There’s a target on my back Paranoia tries to knock me off track There’s a target on my back Leeches drain me for the life they fucking lack You think you can gain by these guilt games Running your mouth with no shame It’s been done before, your cards have been played My patience has payed off, I’ll erase your name Shoot you down Back to reality Dig your grave Can’t escape your mortality This is your fate Destined to fall Your time is up The hammer judges all There’s a target on my back I’ll never give in, you can’t get this stone to crack You can’t break me
Cast Out 01:14
Mankind is a disease Violence plagues our streets Purging off the fucking meek Rot for the whole world to breathe Life’s a burning cancer, subject for death Everything surrounding me is breeding contempt Boiling point, charred inside This world of barbed wire, leaving nothing behind Cast out Cast out Cast out Cast out Damage is done Cast out Cities overrun Cast out Firing the guns Cast out Dried flesh in the sun
What is Earned
Mental Decay
You Let Them Win
Embrace the Fear


As we gaze upon the smoldering hellscape, we are witnesses of what equates to a scurry of rats fighting for control over a giant trash pile. If anything, it's extremely cool to note that we have a fascinating study in decay and despair, where pretty much everybody in this great cast of characters is fair game for a hideous demise. If you happen to be the next victim of a rat attack, know that it was the doings of your usual bog standard enemy, wholly disgusting in every way and who harmed you out of the unjust power granted to them from some hidden figure above. While one simply cannot wait for all of them to be dead, if these scavengers are fated to rule their devastated wasteland, one might consider if, for now, it's better to just let them have it. Here in the underground society where beleaguered souls gather, one views struggle for what it truly is: we aspire to be our best, to maximize our potential and to never break in the face of opposition. Though the rats outnumber us, they can never harm our souls which they understand and hate. In the end they know they will pay, and that will be THE CONSEQUENCE.


releases May 14, 2021

Nick Brownson- Guitar
Gordon Demeter- Vocals
Jack Oberkirsch- Drums
Tristan Sager- Guitar
James Trejo- Bass

Recorded by James at Blood Lust
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air
Cover drawn by Peter Pagano


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